Zubees. What and why are they.

What are zubees?

Developed by John Bell of Conquest Marketing, Zubee Ultimate Rewards (zubeezone, zubees, zubee coins) is a centralized reward system being offered by a growing number of online businesses.

One example of where to collect zubee coins is on Traffic Exchanges (a traffic exchange is a site where you can advertise your product/web-site, typically for free). While you're surfing your favourite traffic exchange to gain credits to get your advertisement(s) displayed, with no additional effort, you are able to collect zubee coins as an additional reward for being active on the site.

There are three zubee coins

  • Silver, worth 125 zubees
    silver zubee coin
  • Gold, worth 250 zubees
    gold zubee coin
  • Diamond, worth 500 zubees
    diamond zubee coin

You can also win zubee bonuses when collecting zubees. These bonuses add to the value of the coins you collect. For example, you might win a 3 day 3% bonus which will give you an additional 3% on each coin for 3 days, making a Diamond coin worth 515 zubees rather than 500 zubees.

The bonuses are cumulative so the more bonuses you can collect, the greater number of zubees you will collect from each coin.

Zubeezone also runs a surf party in which three Traffic Exchanges are involved each day. Collect the Red, Orange, and Yellow Surf Party Dancers by surfing 41 pages at each of the participating Traffic Exchanges for that day. Once you have collected all three dancers you win! You can win up to 20 Surf Party Prizes every day! The Surfer Reward is a 3 day 3% bonus - 20 per day gives you a 60% bonus - times 3 days is a 180% bonus making each silver coin worth 350 rather than 125 zubees (plus whatever other bonuses you may have collected).

A couple of games are installed on numerous sites where you can collect additional zubees. 

Emerald Hunter
Emerald Hunter

Treasure Hunter
Treasure Hunter

Additionally, some sites will offer additional zubees as prizes for activity or purchases. 


By joining a team you will win additional daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly bonuses.
Only zubee coins (not zubees won in games or as prizes) count in the team totals. However, all zubees count in the zubeezone site rankings.




What are they good for?

What can you do with all those zubees?

Zubees can be exchanged for cash, advertising, services, zubee bonuses, additional zubeezone team members, zubeezone team bonuses. There are many sites offering credits/impressions in exchange for zubees.

And you are competing with all the other collectors, so it's competitive collecting with financial gains available. Something for everyone!


What are zubees worth? Show me the money!

A chart showing the current and historical monetary value of zubees (how many US$ you will get per 1,000,000 zubees). The chart only goes back to October 2016 and the value is only sampled every 10 minutes. A value of 0 occurs when there is a communication failure between my server and the zubeezone server (Or when the zubeezone marketplace isn't offering the option of cash for zubees. For example, cash for zubees was suspended while alternative payment processors where investigated when Paypal redefined their acceptable use policy in late October 2016).

zubee ultimate rewards

Graph sample rate
10 minutes
1 hour
1 day

How do I get my share?

Where do you start? 

Collecting zubees is as simple as signing up for a free zubezone account and then completing the tasks required to earn zubees on any of the sites offering zubee rewards. 

Typical tasks are

  • logging into a site
  • reading a number of emails or advertisements
  • surfing a number of websites
  • purchasing a product or service
  • visiting a blog

Join and login to zubeecollector for instructions on what you need to do to earn the zubees on the list of sites where zubees are currently available (site information is updated daily). Plus you'll get hints and tips that may allow you to collect more zubees with more bonuses more quickly.



step1Sign up for a free account at Zubee Ultimate Rewards and familiarize yourself with the site.
step2Sign up for a free account at zubeecollector to find out which sites are offering zubee coins and what is required to collect them.
step3Receive additional rewards for doing what you are probably already doing.

zubee ultimate rewards

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