Internet Marketing?

Heard of Internet Marketing, but still a little in the dark about what it is all about?
It's all about making money online. The dream is to make enough to 'fire the boss' (or whatever cliché is currently flavour of the month). The internet is overflowing with stories of people worse off than you making their fortune by finding the secret to generating instant, immeasurable wealth.

What a load of crap!

Guess what? There is no secret. You simply need to have a product that people want to buy. If you can get loads of people to buy the product from you at a high enough mark-up you're going to make so much money that the taxes you pay will cover the government's health and education spending.

Obviously, before you can start making sales, you're going to have to let all those wonderful customers know about your indispensable product. And an incredibly effective method of doing that is by advertising on the free Traffic Exchanges and mailers. But, there are a few gotchas. Aren't there always? The first thing you need to know is how these advertising mediums work. Without knowing what works and what doesn't, your advertising will fail, you'll get frustrated and you'll give up. That will leave us with an uneducated population with no health care. And we don't want that!

That's where the tools and training systems listed on this page come in. If you commit to following the training, you will gain the knowledge to advertise effectively. You will learn how to work towards your goals while having fun along the way. You may even earn a little beer money in the process.

And by far the best part, with all this money you will be making from effectively advertising your essential (albeit somewhat over-priced) product, the health and education budgets will be taken care of, giving the government swags of additional funds to put into defence.

Before you start

Use protection!


LastPass secure passwords

You will probably be joining (or you may already belong to) dozens of sites. At the time of writing I belong to approximately 150 mailers and a similar number of Traffic Exchanges. One thing that it is absolutely imperative is to ensure that you do not use the same password on every site. And, very definitely, do not use usernames and passwords that you use outside of Internet Marketing. For example, your online banking password should never be used for anything other than your online banking. But you already knew that, didn't you?

So, how do you manage all those passwords? I use and recommend LastPass (free for individuals on a single device - dirt cheap for individuals across multiple devices, very affordable for businesses). Clicking on their logo (above) will take you to their site where you can read about the features. Briefly, it is a browser add-on that will allow you to securely save your username and password for each site. It will, if required, also generate secure passwords. The passwords are stored on their server encrypted with all encryption & decryption occurring in your browser, so in the unlikely event of the LastPass database being compromised, your usernames and passwords are perfectly safe.

And why is this necessary?
Contrary to the beliefs of some site owners, the internet is full of individuals who get their kicks by intercepting internet traffic to find email addresses, usernames and passwords. There is a ready market for email addresses, but user name & password combinations are gold. And far too many site owners include login details in every email they send.

It's like there's a great big public toilet wall out there with your username and password blazoned across it.

passwords on public toilet wall

In most cases it is just a lack of knowledge on the part of the owner and a support ticket requesting the removal of the password from all communications should get the password removed. After all, there is generally a password recovery option on the login screen, so there is never any need to send a password via email. If they won't remove it, I would strongly recommend that you cancel your account with them - but at the very least, definitely don't promote the site. If you promote a site where the owner shows no concern for the security of their members, you're not presenting yourself as trustworthy.

Also, the inclusion of passwords in emails advertises the fact that passwords are not encrypted in their database, which makes their database an attractive target to hackers.



nasty viruses and malware

There are a surprisingly large number of people attempting to get malware installed onto your computer. They may be trying to get access to information such as email addresses, user names and passwords. They may be wanting to send millions of emails via your email account. Or they may just be trying to disable your computer or trash your data (because that's really grown-up). But whatever the reason, people are constantly trying to get their insidious programs installed onto your computer(s).

Traffic Exchanges and Mailers are targeted as a method of distributing malware because there are thousands of people daily viewing hundreds (or thousands) of pages. Most TE's and mailers will say they are checking for viruses/malware when you add an advertisement, but don't be lured into a false sense of security. Malware is constantly changing and detection is beyond the ability of the scripts.

So ensure you have antivirus software installed and always ensure that it is up to date (both the program and the definitions) and check that it is active. Ensuring you have antivirus installed and up to date is worth diddly-squat if it's not running.


Due diligence

This one's a bit tricky because you often can't find out anything about how the site operates prior to joining. Unfortunately there are some sites where management standards are less than ideal. Or, to put it bluntly, not all owners are honest.

For me, one enormous red flag is a lack of ownership details.

danger, danger, danger

While making ownership clear doesn't guarantee honest ownership, the lack of ownership information suggests the owner has something to hide. As the site should be being run as a business, ownership must be clear as it must be in any business. Particularly in a business where you are likely to invest, whether it be time or money that you're investing.

Another red flag is the lack of ability to contact the site owner/admin from the public site (prior to login). You must be able to contact the site owner or administrator without having to log into the site.

An internet search on the site name may provide you with some insights. For example, you may find references if the owner is known for not responding to support tickets, or for not paying due commissions.

Send a support ticket and see if you get a response. Always be polite. Don't shout (don't write in all capitals & keep terminal points (.?!) to a minimum). Never be rude in communication with a site owner. Apart from the likelihood of your getting a response diminishing, if you have one, you're likely to get your account suspended. Consider that their primary language may not be the same as yours and be aware that they may be working in a different time zone, they will probably have a number of tickets to work through each day, and they may have a full time job away from their computer. They may even be on holiday. So don't expect an instant response. The better owners will answer, depending on time zones, within 12 hours. The busier ones within a couple of days.
Some are just rude and don't bother responding at all. Walk away. If they're not responding to support tickets, you don't want to be involved with them.

When you sign up with a site, unless an upgrade at the site has been recommended by someone you really trust, do not take the 'one time offer(s)'. It's a bit like dropping parts of your pay check into random letterboxes on the way home from work.

please put your money into my letterbox

Until you have seen how the business operates and what it really has to offer, you don't want to be putting money into it. I think that you'll agree that an upgrade that allows you to send daily emails to 8500 members when the site only has 1500 members and is actually shrinking isn't a particularly good investment (Hmmmm, not the best decision I've ever made! not one of my best).
So, before putting cash into a business, spend some time to find out if it is going to be money well spent.

Be aware that nine out of ten internet-based products, programs, or "systems" just plain don't work. Or, worse yet... they are outright scams.

Do your due diligence.

Training systems & tools

The resources in this section are the training systems I still refer to and the tools that I use daily to tune my advertising efforts.

There is one thing that all these resources have in common - not one of them will promise wealth without the investment of time.

Using these tools I have reduced the time it takes to collect TE and mailer credits for my advertising and reduced the time it takes to send out emails. Not all of the tools are free, but the value of the time they save is immense. They have been designed by and are run by people I trust.
More information about a particular product is available by clicking on that product's image.

TE Profits TE Profits Exposed - fast start crash course to fast cash
In five quick lessons you will see how easy it is to profit with traffic exchanges and turn your surfing into cash. Traffic Report - turn your clicks into cash Follow this ultimate shortcut and you will fast track your way to non-stop traffic and automatic profits without clicking your fingers numb!
Created by Scott Douglas & Sean Supplee.

Email X Profits Email Exchanges Exposed - earn $100+ per day
Blueprint designed to get your new Viral Mailer marketing system set up as quickly as possible (in as little as 30 minutes) so you can start building your $100 per day traffic machine today!
Created by Scott Douglas & Sean Supplee.

Referral Frenzy No more excuses
"No More Excuses" is the total package! Just knowing what to do is not enough. You also need the right tools and enough advertising to see you to success. You will get it all here and support you can rely on as you learn how to use the tools and concepts of marketing that have worked for Marty Petrizza.
Created by Marty Petrizza.

Wealthy Affiliate Wealthy Affiliate
What interests you? We all have a hobby or something that gets us excited and motivated when we think about it. There are millions of different ideas that you could potentially tap into online and we are going to help you come up with your very own "topic" within Wealthy Affiliate.
There are 3.2 billion people online and regardless of the topic you choose, you can be very successful online!
Created by Kyle and Carson.

Traffic Profit Pro Traffic Profit Pro
What Traffic Exchanges are, and how you can use them to create an additional income stream, at no cost.
Created by Insidmal Design LLC (John Bell).

ConversionSurf & The TripleA Plan The Triple A Plan
Why use ConversionSurf & The TripleA Plan? POWER!
Power to escape the Penny Surfing Trap. Power to build large PROFITABLE downlines at will. Power to finally succeed-No more phony Get Rich Schemes.
Created by Doug Forbes.

Click Track Profit Click Track Profit
Training is the core of Click Track Profit! They want to teach you the ropes so you can get into profit.
Created by the Timtech Team
Tim Linden
Jon Olson
Justin Ledvina

Cash Surfing Network Cash Surfing Network $12 signup bonus
A Complete Traffic Business Platform
Created by The Legacy Team
Marcus Wahl
Eric Goettman
Ken Locatelli
Rodney Hage

Graphics tools

Stand out from the crowd. Rather than using tired advertising copy that everyone has seen thousands of times before, create your own unique advertisements with these tools.

Instant Banner Creator Instant banner creator
Discover the new simple way to create your own graphics in just seconds.
With Instant Banner Creator you can make professional:
• Banners & Infographics
• Headers & Footers
• Buttons & Call's to Action
• Splash & Squeeze pages
• And much more!
Created by Josh Abbott & Robert Puddy

Adkreator AdKreator
Adkreator is an easy to use yet very powerful do it yourself banner/ad creating service.
Hundreds of professionaly designed templates in several different categories. Banners, Website buttons, Peelaway ads, Splashpages, Login bonus and Squeezepages!
Created by Barbara DelGiudice

TE and Mailer credits

Free TE Credits free te credits Free traffic exchange credits!
Get free access to thousands of free Traffic Exchange Credits Today! All from some of the best owners in the business and some of the top Exchanges online today!
Created by Eric Goettman

Traffic Codex traffic codex Free traffic exchange and mailer credits
Your source for free advertising at the top traffic generation sites
Has a browser plug-in to let you know when you are on a site with credits available.
© 2013 and Beyond LLC

Truckload of ads truck load of ads traffic exchange and mailer credits!
Exclusive promo codes that you can redeem at top traffic generating programs.
Claim Over 116,527 Website Hits, 329,500 Mailer Ads, 640,230 Banner Ads, 937,300 Text Ads
Created by Connie Hogan

Referral Frenzy referral frenzy traffic exchange and mailer credits!
From this day forward you will have enough advertising, tools, and guidance to get results.
23,600 Manual Surf Credits Monthly
90,000 Mailing Credits Monthly
120,000 Banners and Texts Monthly
Created by Marty Petrizza

Referral Builder Elite referral builder elite traffic exchange and mailer credits!
Referral Builder Elite will fill in your downlines on over 190 sites, plus give you advertising credits on over 80 mailers and over 25 TEs every month.
Created by Marty Petrizza

TE and Mailer helpers

Traffic Browser Power Traffic browser
Traffic Browser is a unique browser designed especially to surf and manage your growing list of Traffic Exchanges. This extraordinary software is designed to earn you more credits in less time using your favourite TE's by switching to a new tab every time you click.
Created by David Eaton

Click Earner Power email credit link browser
Click Earner is an automated web-based tool to earn safelist credits easily.
It will open up to 150 emails at a time from your Gmail account and open each credit link in a new browser tab.
Created by Marco van Rooij.

Referral Frenzy referral frenzy send email assistant
Referral Frenzy will give you email marketing power like you have never seen.
Marty has chosen her favourite top performing mailers and incorporated the ability to mail to them with One Template, One Click, Massive Power, INSTANTLY!
Created by Marty Petrizza

Viral Mail Profits Viral Mail Profits send email assistant
Viral Mail Profits allows you to store your emails and your subject lines and lets you know when you are able to mail. You can add your own mailers and you get brilliant details of not only the number of clicks, but how long after the mail was sent the click occurred.
Troy Wray & Paul Kinder.

Referral builder tools

DLB Caddy dlb caddy downline builder assistant
DLB Caddy is a browser extension for Chrome and Firefox that will help you manage your affiliate IDs and help you automatically fill in almost any downline builder. You don't even need to populate it manually - simply visit downline builders you've already filled in and it will automatically learn all your existing IDs.
Created by Troy Wray

Referral Builder Elite referral builder elite downline builder assistant
Referral Builder Elite will fill in your downlines on over 190 sites, plus give you advertising credits on over 80 mailers and over 25 TEs every month.
Created by Marty Petrizza


As well as letting you know which advertising is working for you, the frames that these sites add to your advertisment will also generate signups in the tracking program and at the same time assist with branding. Viral Mail Profits above also adds these benefits.

Vital Viral ProVitalViral - promote, track, build downlines with 1 link
With VitalViralPro's unique tracking feature, you'll actually see for yourself which traffic programs are getting clicks on your page - all without using any 3rd party tracking solutions. Promoting effectively doesn't get any easier than this!
Created by Troy & Donna Wray

Trck - track your advertising and see what works best
Trck Me's easy to use trackers let you track which ads you are using are getting new subscribers, and even which sites you are advertising on!
Created by TimTech (Tim Linden, Jon Olson, Justin Ledvina)

Smart URL smart url - know where your ads are performing well, and where they are doing squat
Not Just Tracking. How much more money can you make when you know where your ads are performing well, and where they aren't doing squat? Smarten up your marketing with Smart-url!
Created by Troy Wray & Darren Olander

Credit & commission monitoring

TE Command Post TE Command Post - Command, Control, Cash In...
Born and conceived (or should that be conceived and born) to help us manage our huge traffic exchange campaigns, completing missions with extreme and efficient execution.
• Up to the minute account information for every listed exchange almost instantly.
• How many credits you have waiting to be assigned.
• How many credits you have already assigned.
• Which url's are running low on credits.
Created by Paul Kinder and Tim Rash

Super Tools referral frenzy - monitor your site credits
A collection of several applications to help you keep track of your credits, banner impressions and text impressions at most of the bonus sites featured in Referral Frenzy.
You'll still need to log in to each site to add, edit or delete a site, banner or text ad, but once you've set them up Referral Frenzy will monitor them for you and highlight them whenever the number of credits assigned falls below the minimum amount that you have set. You can then assign credits to those links with just a single click!
And Commissions Plus will show you commissions owed on a number of sites.
Created by Marty Petrizza


I don't think that you will find anyone who will agree, but my advice is not to be in too much of a hurry to sign up to an autoresponder service. I know that 'the money is in the list' and that you are going to need an autoresponder to automagically bombard your list with dozens of unimaginably irresistible offers every single day, but there are a few to choose from and, if they're any good, they will cost you around $20 per month - each.

Every training system lists the writer's favourite autoresponder. And that autoresponder can change with 'new, improved' versions of the training. Plus you're unlikely to generate your list on day one, so there isn't any real hurry.

Once you've found a system that is working for you, that system will fit best with one of the autoresponders. For example, the TEProfits system has a prewritten email series for TrafficWave, whereas the ClickTrackProfit training utilises RocketResponder.

Whatever you do, don't sign up for an autoresponder because it promises you a five figure income. Signup for an autoresponder because you need an autoresponder.

Traffic Wave Email Marketing AutoResponders
Email Marketing AutoResponders from help you build subscriber lists, generate more prospects, make more sales, broadcast email newsletters and more.
Created by Brian Rooney

Rocket Responder Email Marketing Automation
Email Marketing Automation by RocketResponder makes it easy to create and send emails that get great results to grow your business.
Created by Tim Linden

Advertising basics

I would suggest that you put some thought into your advertisements. Think about how, and where, they will be seen by others. If a product is only available in the United States, you are wasting valuable credits (and your even more valuable credibility) by displaying it in any country other than the United States. Harsh perhaps, but stupid advertisers are not going to be taken seriously.

If you expect to derive income from any endeavour, you will need to put in some effort. There are some who have made a better than decent living from selling on the internet. These people have put in a massive amount of effort and continue to do so. Not all by any means, but more than a few of them also have no scruples and will pretty much do anything to get their clammy hands on your hard earned cash.

Rather than be suckered into somebody's 'done for you' system that promises effortless wealth, you need to find your own system. First up, you are going to need a product. This can be anything, but it needs to be a product that you believe in. If it is not something that you have created yourself, it needs to have been created by someone you trust, implicitly. Above all, it needs to be a product that interests (offers value to) the people to whom you will be advertising. And then you need to advertise it.

No product yet and don't know where to start?
As a starting point, have a look at each of the products listed on this page. Don't rush. Take your time. See what they have to offer on the 'sales' page - the area of their site you can see without having to create an account and log in. If what you're seeing makes sense, join up and have a closer look.
Wealthy Affiliate, for example, will walk you through choosing your topic, building your own website based on that topic, getting traffic to that website and making money from that traffic.

Try not to be tempted by the sales adverts you see when logging in. The so called one time offers (or OTOs - don't you hate all those TLA1s). Remember, you can't know if this site is right for you until you've tested it.

Take it one by one. If you join too many sites all at once and bounce between them, you'll not see the majority of what each site has to offer. Get to know one product and the product's creator(s) reasonably well before moving on to the next.

Once you've found a product that makes sense, that you enjoy using and that you would like to promote to others, personalize the advertising. If sample sales emails have been provided, don't use them out of the box. Most sample emails were created when the product was first produced and haven't been updated as the product has evolved. So write the emails yourself.

You don't have to start from scratch. Start with the subject and alter it so it's not the same as every other subject people are seeing. Simply changing a couple of words can do wonders.

The body of sample emails is usually a long way out of date. You can probably scrap pretty much all of it. Think about the things you like about the product and list those. Let the reader know how the product could benefit them. Use spelling and grammar checkers. Read and reread to ensure what you are saying is clear, concise and easy to read. And keep it short. No one wants to receive novels in their email and no one is likely to read them, so don't waste your valuable time.

Design your own splash and capture pages. Stand out by showing something fresh rather than using old, tired copy that everyone has seen thousands of times. Make certain they give the viewer enough information so the purpose of the product is clear, but not so much that it is overwhelming. Remember that you only have a couple of seconds to get the viewers' attention before they move onto the next advertisement.

And then keep it in front of everyone. Consistency is key. It is unlikely that anyone will take you up on your offer the first time it is presented. Or probably even the tenth time. Keep it in front of them though, and they will be more likely to take a closer look.

Branding - personalizing your advertisements. There are very definitely two schools of thought.
One suggestion is that having your photo attached to your advertising will put some prospective customers off because they don't like how you look.
Personally, signups picked up when I made a conscious effort to get my photo shown at every opportunity. I believe that using my real name and showing a current (real) photo gives prospective customers the chance to recognise you. Only advertising proven products from reputable suppliers is also essential. The combination of the two will help to build trust, without which you are not going to get very many sales.

1TLA - three letter acronym.

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