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What are zubees?

Not sure what zubees are or what you can do with them? Check out the 'All about zubees' section in the Resources menu at the top of the page.

New to IM?

New to Internet Marketing and not sure where to start? Check out the 'IM Resources' section in the Resources menu at the top of the page.

Why would I join?

There are real rewards available from collecting zubees. While you are surfing (sites, email, ads, etc.) you are generating credits on those sites for your own advertisements. With no additional effort you can also collect zubees which can be exchanged for advertising or cash. If you can work smarter you can receive those rewards in a much shorter timeframe, giving you more time to spend on your Internet Marketing endeavours.

How do I start?

Simply Register/Join the site to gain access to the easiest to search, most comprehensive, up to date list of sites offering zubee coins. After confirming your membership you will have access to the free tools and techniques I use daily to collect zubee coins. The number of coins I collect isn't all that impressive (if you want to check my ranking my zubeezone username is pt56ok), but I collect them in a remarkably short time.

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Pete Tyson pt56ok
Pete Tyson
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Pete's prespective

Why did I?

I put this site together because I was invited to join a zubee team. Previously my coin collecting had been haphazard - collecting them if I came across them.
Not wanting to let the team down required a shift in methodology - a system. Not wanting to have to put too much effort into zubee coin collecting required a simple system. So I put all the information into a spreadsheet and used it for a few weeks and then I thought -

Why not share it?

And some months later - TaDa!

Still not convinced?

As well as all the information about where the zubee coins are and what is required to collect them, there are also numerous tips, tricks and techniques for the likes of

  • Concurrently surfing multiple sites
  • Efficiently opening email credit links
  • Ensuring your emails get delivered
  • Bypassing those annoying OTOs
And, of course, there's an affiliate program and a referral builder. The referral builder adds your ID to all the links to external sites listed inside. Not just the zubee sites, the sites listed in my recommended resources as well. But not only that, it will also add your ID on the links on the publicly accessible pages. So if you join, add your IDs to the sites in the referral builders and then promote this site, anyone visiting from your promotion who goes to any of the sites listed on any of the pubically visible pages will go there via your affiliate link. How cool is that? It's just a small thank you from me for your assistance in getting the site promoted.

And check out the tracking! Promote any referral page and I'll record and make visible to you every hit including date, time and IP address. Include a string to identify where the link was promoted and you'll instantly be able to see which of your promotions are working.

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